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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Wallops Flight Facility?
    Wallops Flight Facility is part of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. The Facility has three primary parcels of land located on Virginia's Eastern Shore on the Delmarva Peninsula. The Facility consists of the Main Base where it boasts of a full-service Airport featuring two 8,000-foot runways. The other two primary areas are the areas consisting of the Launch Range and ground-based weather, radar, and command and control support.
  • How can a company or organization join the WCA?
    If your organization or company would like to join the WCA, simply send an e-mail to one of the leaders on the Leadership Page to start the process. There are some criteria to meet to be eligible but the process is as easy as that!
  • How can an organization partner with Wallops Flight Facility?
    Any commercial organization, government agency, or educational institution may partner with Wallops Flight Facility to conduct missions or engineering projects. The process for conducting a project at Wallops Flight Facility varies depending on the type of project and the type of customer organization. Contact is initiated with the Advanced Projects Office to discuss feasibility of a prospective project. The office's website is below.
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