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Wallops Contractors Association

Advocacy Organization for NASA GSFC Wallops Flight Facility


WCA Scope 

& Mission

Wallops Flight Facility

Serving the Nation since 1947

The WCA is focused on information exchange between resident contractors and the government work force. This can include but is not limited to procurement opportunities, government best practices, safety, emergency response, and a host of other topics. Also, the WCA is intended to work as an advocacy group for Wallops Flight Facility within the Space Industry and the local community to support STEM activities.

The Wallops Contractors Association is designed to be an advocate of Wallops Flight Facility within the Space Industry as well as the local community through an effective communication strategy that fosters collaborative partnerships. Furthermore, the WCA is a primary source of information exchange between the WFF Senior Leadership Team, corporate partners, and civil servant work force.

The Wallops Contractors Association has a sister organization located at the GSFC Greenbelt campus - the Goddard Contractors Association -

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